Whats Never Alone About ???

 Some People listen to music and some people feel music. When i heard the song not alone by my favorite band red it was something i felt because i have struggled with feeling alone, feeling abandoned feeling not good enough a lot in my life and several times listening to this song it has brought me to tears because that's all i have longed for in life was to not feel so alone in the world and this song reminded me there is a promise that no matter who we are no matter where we been no matter what we will become we are never alone and we are loved. THis band and this song have given me hope again in a world so cold but this experience i have went through has also given me an awareness that there are others who are fighting the same battle and might need to encouragement to know they are not alone. i made this site to try to do just that because people matter and peoples problems matter and peoples pains matter and if no where else in the world is there light in the darkness i hope that this site can make a difference to someone. i have added youtube links to some things i find inspirational i have added just some random funny things to help brighten someones day i have a live chat option at the bottom right corner so in case someone is feeling like they are not good enough for this world anymore they can have somewhere to turn. day or night it is our goal to be there for people. not to judge anyone but to listen and to care and to make people feel like they are not an inconvenience . everything on this site is something that has given me hope one time or another so i hope it can give you hope as well. remember you are not alone please don't be afraid to reach out if you feel this way.

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