• Charlie Whiskey

It can be hard sometimes finding the best in situations when you don't have a home are alone in life always traveling but never know where your going to end up before the day ends but it's so important to not lose hope

  • Charlie Whiskey

Around 4 am this morning I came across a girl online who lives in Muncie, Indiana and she seemed to be hurting really bad emotionally to the point where she felt like she or nothing mattered and wanted to end it all. Never Alone is a place where we believe people matter. Peoples stories matter. The past doesn't define people. The scars on a persons wrist or legs don't define them. I pray that she was able to hold on another day and continue to fight. I also pray she knows shes not alone and doesn't have to face these battles alone . Day or night broken or scared every one matters and everyone deserves love and to know what care and compassion is.

  • Charlie Whiskey

The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye. And then I heard you flat line.

Nooooo!!!!! Not gonna die tonight we're gonna stand and fight forever!!! Don't close your eyes.


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