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How Does It Work?

The goal is to make sure people that we encounter in everyday life have the chance to know that they are Not Alone in this world and that they have something to put their hope in when all else fails. I wear this glowstick that shines bright in the darkness and the meaning of the glowstick to me is that I have lost the hope and I have found it again and I want people to see there is a light of hope in me but not because of the battery operated stick around my neck but because I am willing to show love to others and compassion and offer forgiveness and be willing to open my eyes and heart to the lonely and lost or the world whether it's going something as simple as paying for someone's meal or taking time out of one's busy day to just listen to someone's pain

To walk past someone you see all alone and simply ask are you okay. I'm alive today because someone took the time to just acknowledge me and listen to what was going on and I would love to make that difference in someone else's life. When people see other people wearing these glowsticks the idea will be to know that they have someone who they can reach out too and know that they will not be judged for anything they say but instead will be loved and remind that they are not alone.

Who's it for?

This is for anyone who wants to make a difference and take a stand against one of the biggest issues we face in this world which is feeling alone. And for anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, anyone struggling to find their identity and anyone who just needs uplifted.

What does it take?

A willingness to open your eyes and hearts to the lost and hurting souls that we encounter in day to day life and and just a willingness to show kindness to someone because this is how the lost get found

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