• Chad Williams

What is Operation Not Alone Be a Light?

Have you ever struggled with abandonment, rejection, anxiety. Depression, feeling like life's battles ate beginning to be to much to handle and there is no one that you feel like you can turn to? I have felt this way time and time again and I know first hand that when life gets so horrible and you feel like you have no where or no one to turn or put your hope in you will be at the point that you will be willing to do anything to make that pain and suffering go away. I just simply want to do all I can to help give people hope and let people in this world know that there is a light and that you don't have to fight this battle alone. There is this band by the name of Red and they have a song called no alone listening to this made me cry cause it described everything I was feeling so accurately and at the beginning and at the end it says " slowly fading away your lost and so afraid where is the hope in a world so cold " that line Really speaks to me and makes me think about the question of where is the hope in such a cold dark world and for me I have found that hope in knowing that there is someone out there that truly loves and cares about me more than any family member or significant other or friend could ever and someone who will never leave me who will never say my problems are too much. Who will never judge me for the choices I've made but will love me unconditionally weather I choose to love them back or not. It's easy to love someone who will love you back but try to love someone who wants nothing to do with you at all and then you will have an understanding on way true love Is. Someone who loves you so much that they are willing to take the pain so you don't have to someone that is willing to be mocked and beat and tortured and killed to prove to you that your special and cared for and not worthless not forgotten not abandoned and most importantly that your not alone. In the past I didn't know that there was a hope and because of that I gave up on life and now that I see the light in the darkness I want to share it with others who are tired of fighting a battle that seems like it will never prove victorious. I want to be a light in the darkness so that no one whether a child of God or not ever has to feel like they are alone in this world.

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