• Charlie Whiskey

People need to know they matter!!

Sitting in Ohio tonight eating dinner when a man down on his luck approaches me and asks to earn some money at first im kinda hesitant but his willingness to say "please give me a way to earn it "made me feel it was a bit more sincere then when others ask. He says he needs gas money so I tell him "I'll meet you at the gas pump" so I go over swipe my card and he's appreciative and even after that is still asking how he can earn money so I tell him I'm happy to talk so we can just talk for a bit so I find out his name is Robert and he's really been down and struggling and trying to figure things out so I talk with him for almost an hour and ended up helping him with a couple more bucks for food to eat and he's on the verge of tears with gratefulness. He was so appreciative not only for the willingness to help him but just the willingness to acknowledge him. We hugged I gave him a bracelet and we went our separate ways after about an additional 15 mins of talking. This was not a easy choice for me at first if I'm being honest. Of course I'm skeptical about giving money and after a nice long day at work I can't say I was prepared for an engaging conversation with a stranger especially while in the middle of eating dinner but it's so so important to understand that there are people out here in the world really hurting and really struggling and even though it was short notice right on the spot even though it was a inconvenience people need to know they matter. That their story matters, that their life matters and if I can help just one person even for a few mins feel like they aren't alone in the world then it was worth the loss of a little money and a little personal time. You are not alone and you matter!!

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